Motorcycle Display DPL200
Motorcycle Display DPL200
Motorcycle Display DPL200
Motorcycle Display DPL200
Motorcycle Display DPL200

Motorcycle Display DPL200

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Click the link below to view the installation instructions:

L200 is a fully-featured integrated product developed for motorcycles, featuring Built-in Wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, Tire Pressure Monitoring, Remote Control, and other functions, as well as a non-destructive installation mode. The product operates on a simple Linux system, controllable via remote or voice calls to simplify operation and mitigate driving safety hazards. It enables you to travel safely while enjoying entertainment and personalized high-end features.

Product Performance Characteristics:

● This product utilizes Cotex-A7 with 2D acceleration, boasting a computing power of 3800 DMIPS. It comes equipped with built-in languages from various countries, including but not limited to: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, etc. This ensures smoother operation.

● The design features a proprietary model with a high-definition 6.23-inch large screen. The UI interface is customized, employing a full-fit process that ensures dust-free operation. With an HD resolution of 1560*720 IPS, the full-view screen provides clarity without compromise.

CarPlay Connection Assistance:

1. Activate CarPlay by connecting to this device's Bluetooth.
2. Locate and pair this Bluetooth using your mobile phone.
3. Search for the wireless Bluetooth earphone on your phone and pair it.

Bluetooth name: BLINK-B....

Android Auto Connection Assistance:

1. Enable Auto by connecting to this device's Bluetooth.
2. Search for this Bluetooth on your mobile phone and pair it.
3. Search for the wireless Bluetooth earphone on your phone and pair it.

Bluetooth name: BLINK-B....

OTA upgrade:

Connect the machine to the network first → in regard to → version upgrade, Upgrade the system

Tire Pressure Monitoring Interface:

Steps for Tire Pressure Learning Operation:

● Begin by selecting the corresponding tire for both the front and rear wheels at the initiation of binding sensor points.
● Screw the sensor onto the tire valve stem.
● Upon changes in tire pressure, the sensor will synchronize with the host.
● This synchronization will display tire temperature, tire pressure, and voltage.
● The monitoring display can also be viewed on the main interface, indicating the completion of the learning process.

● The tire pressure sensor is an optional device.
This function is unavailable without tire pressure installation.


Screen- lock Button: Tap to lock the screen touch
Up and Down Button: The last / The next
Bluetooth Call: Short press to complete the call / Long press to activate speech night
Toggle Key: Tap to switch menu

What Comes in the Package: 

Safety Warning:

To ensure personal safety for yourself, your vehicle, and others, it is essential to adhere to the following basic requirements:

Prior to using this product, carefully read all relevant instructions. Failure to follow these instructions may result in damage for which warranty coverage may be voided.

● For driving safety and to avoid violating traffic laws and regulations, refrain from watching programs or operating the machine while driving.

● To prevent short circuits, avoid placing any metal objects such as coins or tools inside the equipment.

● Operate the machine strictly in accordance with the provided manual. Do not attempt to perform maintenance on the machine yourself. Contact professional technicians for maintenance needs.

Note: Remember to power off before installation, and do not rinse the machine directly with a high-pressure water gun.

Warranty and After-Sales Support:

Rest assured with our comprehensive warranty and after-sales support. We stand by the quality and performance of our products.