Portable wireless car stereo: compatible with all cars

Portable wireless car stereo: compatible with all cars

Have you been bored with the installation of in-dash car stereos? have you been bored with old-fashioned car radios? Do you ever want a car stereo with wireless CarPlay and wireless Android Auto? Onecarstereo has established a new 7-inch portable HD touch-screen wireless car stereo to solve the problems above.


First, the portable wireless car stereo is mainly suitable for those car radios without a touch-screen. Specifically, when you have an old-fashioned car radio, you might only listen to FM/AM radio or CDs while driving your car. Hence, the portable wireless car stereo is likely to be the product that can significantly improve your driving experience.


There are mainly 5 advantages of the portable wireless car stereo.


  1. It is almost compatible with all cars.

The power supplier of the portable wireless car stereo is the cigarette lighter, which supports both 12V and 24V adaptive voltage. you don't need to disassemble your car's console; it can be installed on any of your vehicles


  1. It is easy to operate and portable.

There are two kinds of installation of the portable wireless car stereo. You can fix the product on the dashboard or windshield. What's more, it can be easily removed and stored.


  1. It supports wireless CarPlay and Android Auto.

As we know, car play and android auto might be a necessary system to connect from car stereos to our phones, which can ensure a safe drive and avoid distraction and nuisance. Additionally, the wireless connection is so convenient that we can get rid of the cable connections.


  1. it supports AUX and FM transmit

When you install the portable car stereo in your car. Not only is there no damage to your car, but also the car can have a good audio effect through AUX output or FM transmit output. Specifically, you can enjoy the audio effect from your original car when using the portable stereo.


  1. It supports AirPlay and USB flash or card videos

When you are on a car trip. It might be necessary to enjoy videos. Thus, the portable stereo supports videos from sd cards or USB flash drives. What's more, you can also enjoy videos via airplay, which are likely to significantly increase your driving experience.


Besides, there are many functions of our 7-inch portable car stereo, such as Bluetooth music, hand-free calls, and voice control with hey Siri or hey google. Since it is compatible of all car models, it might be an ideal choice when you have an car radio without a android system.


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