Smart CarPlay AI Box
Smart CarPlay AI Box
Smart CarPlay AI Box
Smart CarPlay AI Box
Smart CarPlay AI Box
Smart CarPlay AI Box
Smart CarPlay AI Box
Smart CarPlay AI Box

Smart CarPlay AI Box

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    • Key Features:

      1. Convert Wired CarPlay to Wireless:
        • Convert your iPhone to wireless Apple CarPlay instantly.
        • Activate wireless Android Auto with ease.
        • Designed for iPhones with iOS 10+ and Android phones 11.0+.
        • Compatibility with 98% of cars equipped with wired CarPlay.
          Note: Not compatible with cars built exclusively for wireless CarPlay, such as BMW.
      1. Simultaneous use of WiFi & Wireless:
        • Effortlessly use both Wireless connectivity and mobile hotspot without disabling CarPlay or Android Auto.
        • Enjoy uninterrupted browsing alongside the conveniences of wireless CarPlay and Android Auto.
      1. Built-in Netflix, YouTube, Playstore:
        • Comes with the Android 11.0 multimedia system.
        • Stream audio and video from Netflix and YouTube.
        • Download apps directly from the Playstore.
        • Option to insert a TF card for pre-downloaded content.
      1. Mirror Phone or Tablet to your Car:
        • Integrated with Apple AirPlay and Android Wireless MirrorLink for phone mirroring.
        • Connect via "Easyconn" app for Apple AirPlay and "Carbitlink" app for Android Wireless MirrorLink.
      1. Plug-and-Play Wireless Adapters:
        • Effortless connection process with the "SpeedPlay" interface.
        • Simple Bluetooth and WiFi pairing.
    • stream to your car media box
    • Benefits:

    • Upgraded Entertainment: Bring Android System to your factory car stereo. Enjoy videos on trips, ensuring your driving is entertaining and enjoyable.
    • Safe Driving: With wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, manage calls hands-free ensuring you drive safely.
    • Family Enjoyment: With the multimedia options and phone mirroring, your family can enjoy a vast range of entertainment options on the go.
    • magic box carplayai box litemultimedia box

Package Includes:

  • 1x Car Stereo 2023 Wireless CarPlay Smart AI Box
  • 1x User Manual
  • Necessary cables for installation

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Revolutionize your driving experience and ensure safety and entertainment for all. Dive into the world of wireless connectivity with the Car Stereo 2023 Wireless CarPlay Smart AI Box.

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Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

A1: This device is a wireless CarPlay adapter, engineered for iPhone/Android smartphones to wirelessly employ Apple CarPlay/Android Auto on a factory car radio system with built-in wired Apple CarPlay functionality. In addition to these capabilities, it comes with integrated YouTube, Netflix, Play Store, and EasyConn. These features allow online video streaming, application downloading, wireless screen mirroring, and playback of video and audio files via TF card. One of the significant benefits of this device is its ability to provide the convenience of wireless CarPlay and Android Auto over a wireless network without the need for a SIM card.

A2: Yes, you can pair as many smartphones as you want with the Smart Ai Box wireless adapter. However, the adapter can only function with one device at a time. If you wish to switch between devices, simply disable the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connection on the currently connected device.

A3: To determine if your car has built-in Apple CarPlay:

  1. Connect an iPhone (running iOS 10 or newer) to your car's USB ports using a genuine factory lightning cable. A pop-up notification on your iPhone will indicate the presence of built-in Apple CarPlay.
  2. Check your car stereo menu for a CarPlay icon. If present, your car supports built-in Apple CarPlay.
  3. Alternatively, you can contact your car dealer for assistance.

Please note, this adapter is not compatible with vehicles that only support wireless CarPlay.

A4: To connect to Apple AirPlay:

  1. Enable your phone's personal hotspot.
  2. Configure the device's WiFi to connect to your iPhone's personal hotspot.
  3. Launch the "EasyConn" App on the Android system interface.
  4. Activate "Airplay" on your iPhone.

A5: To connect Android wireless MirrorLink:

  1. Download the "CarbitLink" App from your smartphone's Play Store.
  2. Enable your phone's personal hotspot.
  3. Set the device's WiFi to connect to your mobile phone's personal hotspot.
  4. Launch the "EasyConn" App on the Android system interface.
  5. Open the “CarbitLink” APP on your mobile phone and select screen mirroring. An option for "CarbitLink" will appear on your phone, select 'Start now'.
  6. Connect your phone to the device's Bluetooth “Smart Ai Box”.

Please note, if an Android phone connects to the box's Bluetooth, it will automatically connect to the wireless Android Auto. To disable this, navigate to the SeedPlay APP - Settings - Turn off the wireless auto-connect option.

A6: If you're facing sound issues after setting up an Android wireless MirrorLink connection, you should connect your phone to the box's Bluetooth "Smart Ai Box". For a detailed connection process, please refer to our provided video guide.

Yes, it functions while the vehicle is in motion, but for safety and legal compliance, it's recommended to use The Smart AI Box only when the vehicle is parked in a safe location. (Please verify local regulations before usage).