Ride Smarter, Ride Safer – The Next Gen Motorcycle Mate

Ride Smarter, Ride Safer – The Next Gen Motorcycle Mate

Are you tired of struggling with the glaring sun or navigating through rainy weather while riding your motorcycle? Do you find it cumbersome to interact with your smartphone screen while wearing riding gloves? Are you facing difficulties in monitoring tire pressure while on the road? If these challenges resonate with you, fret not, because we have a solution tailored for passionate motorcycle enthusiasts like you.

Introducing our latest innovation – the Intelligent Motorcycle Display DPL200. Designed to address the common hurdles encountered by motorcycle riders, this cutting-edge device offers a seamless riding experience like never before. Let's delve into how our product revolutionizes your journey on two wheels:

□ High-Powered Performance: Equipped with Cotex-A7 with 2D acceleration, the DPL200 boasts a remarkable computing power of 3800 DMIPS. Say goodbye to lagging interfaces or sluggish responses – this device ensures swift and efficient performance, keeping you connected and informed throughout your ride.

□ Crystal-Clear Display: Say hello to our proprietary model featuring a high-definition 6.23-inch large screen. With a customized UI interface offering both Day and Night modes, and automatic brightness adjustment based on environmental conditions, visibility is never compromised. The full-fit process guarantees dust-free operation, while the HD resolution of 1560*720 IPS delivers unparalleled clarity.
□ Wireless Connectivity: Seamlessly integrate your iPhone or Android device with Wireless Carplay and Android Auto. Connect via Bluetooth and unlock a myriad of mobile app functions, including making and receiving calls, and voice control commands, all at your fingertips.

□ Tire Pressure Monitoring: Opt for the TPMS feature and gain access to real-time tire pressure detection. Stay informed about your tire conditions, receive timely alerts for abnormal pressure, ensuring a safer and smoother ride.

● The tire pressure sensor is an optional device.
● This function is unavailable without tire pressure installation.

□ User-Friendly Controls: Tackling the challenge of interacting with the screen while wearing riding gloves, our product comes with a square key control button. Effortlessly control screen functions, answer or end calls, switch music tracks, and summon voice assistants, all without compromising your safety or convenience.

With the Intelligent Motorcycle Display DPL200, navigating through the complexities of your motorcycle journey becomes a breeze. Whether you're embarking on a solo adventure or cruising with fellow riders, trust our innovative solution to enhance every aspect of your ride.

Upgrade your riding experience today with the DPL200 – your ultimate companion on the road to adventure!

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