AI BOX LITE: the best wireless CarPlay and Android Auto solution

AI BOX LITE: the best wireless CarPlay and Android Auto solution

The coolest thing in the car is probably to install an android system on your car stereo. For one thing, you can enjoy numerous apps with the android system. For another, you can also enjoy wireless carplay and android auto connection.

Many KOL and technique blogs have reviewed our products. One of the valuable reviews is from Know Techie, which many customers would like. The most popular product is probably AI BOX LITE, which many customers may give a high rating to. The reason why our customers choose ai box lite is as follows:

1. Compatibility. It supports the car with a wired CaPlay function.
2. It supports wireless carplay and android auto. When adopting a wireless connection, you can put your phone wherever you like and never worry about connection stability.
3. You can enjoy Netflix and youtube in your car when you are not driving. You can also store videos and music in the USB flash drive and enjoy them.
4. The budget is only 179$, which is approximately half the price of the android boxes in the market.

Apple's CarPlay and Android Auto are beneficial recommendations for connecting your smartphone's capabilities to your car. The AI Box Lite also changes that wired association into a more beneficial remote one.

If you routinely use CarPlay or Android Auto in your car but get tired of always having to wired connect your phone, you should consider the AI Box Lite. You can easily connect with the container remotely whenever you go in the car.

Additionally, the additional Netflix and YouTube applications included inside the device are a bonus. They'll give you a few more options.

The AI Box Lite retail cost is $269, and it is offered on the One Car Stereo website. Additionally, if you move quickly, it is now on sale for a much more enticing price of $170.


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