5 Accessories You Must Have for Tesla Model Y and Model 3

5 Accessories You Must Have for Tesla Model Y and Model 3

When you purchase a new Tesla Model Y/3, it comes with a lot of features, but it still needs a few accessories, some of which are universal and others that are exclusive to the Model Y/3.

There are now plenty of must-have Tesla accessories to consider. Some of the items are not “necessary” per se, but they are quite useful and enhance the Tesla ownership experience. We've listed 5 accessories especially for you.



For your driving safety, the instrument display LCD is quite essential.

You don't have to take your eyes off the road to check the infotainment system because the clear screen is right in front of you. It shows speed, battery capacity, gear, and so on. It's also Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible. While using the navigation, you can see the car speed on the same screen. It has built-in speaker and you can also connect to your Tesla with Bluetooth.

After installation, it doesn't damage the interior and even appears to be original to the vehicle.



The central touchscreen on the Model Y/3 is amazing, but it attracts fingerprints. It also appears to be fairly vulnerable, similar to a smartphone screen. It reduces glare and fingerprints. Meanwhile, it has no effect on the touchscreen's responsiveness. Overall it enhances your driving experience while also protecting the screen, preserving the value of your vehicle. 



If you plan to spend the money on a Model Y/3, you'll certainly want to protect it from the world might throw at you.  With great precision, the custom-fitted car cover can accomplish just that.  The cover fits perfectly and protects from door dings, dust, and whatever else may fall from above. You can charge it without removing the cover because it has access to the charging connection.



Tesla's cable phone charging technology is cool, but it has some drawbacks. If you're using a case, for example, it's almost pointless. Nowadays, most phones support the Qi standard for wireless charging, making it an easier experience. Because of the Model Y/3's popularity, electronics companies believed it was worthwhile to build wireless charging pads that fit exactly into the Model Y/3's center console. It's truly well-built and works well.



A well-fitting sunshade is necessary for any vehicle, especially for those are often parked in the sun. It doesn't need to be fancy or have any particular features, but it should be close to the size of the windshield so it doesn't droop or fall down. And you could also get some heatshields for the glass roof to keep the inside cooler.

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