Add-on Display Installation For Tesla 3/Y Performance

Add-on Display Installation For Tesla 3/Y Performance

Step 1:  Use the idle blue connector of the original car to plug into one of our white connectors, and do not use the white connector at the other end.



pic 1

Pic 2:

pic 2

Step 2: Find the black rubber plug as shown in the Pic 3. on the right side of the passenger-side, shine it with a flashlight, thread it through the rubber plug to the front of the car with tools like steel wire, and connect it with the original car battery (pay attention to the positive and negative poles, do not connect them reversely)


Pic 3:


Step 3: Accross the power cable through the protective tube and take power from the small battery at the front of the vehicle. The red is connected to the positive pole of the battery and the black is connected to the negative pole of the battery.

Tips: in case you don’t know how to find the original car battery, please refer to the link below:  (start from 10 minutes 46 seconds)



Pic 4:







Pic 5:

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