Who doesn't enjoy putting up holiday decorations in their home? No one! That's what we thought! However, many people are unaware that the celebrations do not have to be limited to your house!

Every day, the average American spends about an hour behind the wheel (or much more if you are in high-density cities). Giving your car some holiday TLC could go a long way toward helping you — and others around you — get into the holiday spirit. Here are some creative ways to decorate your car for the Christmas.




  1. Get a Car Radio Studio

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  1. Add Greenery

Another simple method to make your car festive for Christmas is to place some holiday greens and berries in it. Putting them inside allows you to decorate without blocking the view or having to worry about a wreath on your car's grill.


  1. Stick Decals

Stick some Christmas decals to your car if you'd like a temporary Christmas decoration or if you use a business car that you can't change substantially. These may stick to windows just like at home and bring a little Christmas happiness with you on the road.



  1. Clip it on

The small Christmas Decorations directly clip onto the air vents of your car, allowing you to get through the festive spirit each time you look down. Plus, because these decorations are so simple to put on and get off, you'll be able to take down the vents after Christmas.



  1. Ride around

With this set of Merry Christmas floor mats, you can ride around in style. They're red with white letters and come with reindeer and ornament graphics to complete the theme.



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