Wired to wireless CarPlay & Android Auto adapter with netflix&youtube | in-depth guide

Wired to wireless CarPlay & Android Auto adapter with netflix&youtube | in-depth guide

Wired to wireless CarPlay & Android Auto adapter with netflix&youtube | in-depth guide


Have you ever felt bored with the wired connection CarPlay or Android Auto? Have you ever been bored with the old version car infotainment system? Have you ever wanted to enjoy youtube or Netflix during a car trip? If all the above questions are yes to you, this in-depth guide is valuable for you.


1. Wired to wireless CarPlay

If you are a fan of smartphones, you might be impressed with the convenient ecosystem.

To ensure a safe drive and avoid distraction and nuisance, CarPlay in 2014 and Android Auto in 2015 provide the driver with a functional system that includes navigation, music, etc. CarPlay and Android Auto are designed to pair your car with iPhone and Android phones.


Official websites of Carplay and Android Auto



Android Auto


You might be eager to know whether there is a way to get wireless CarPlay or Android Auto on a wired connection. Hence, An adapter that can convert wired Carplay to wireless Carplay is likely the solution you need.


First and foremost, you need to check the compatibility. Hence, we released a wired to wireless CarPlay and Android Auto adapter called AI BOX Lite, which might be the property for adding wireless connectivity. Specifically, the adapter is compatible with your car if and only if your car has a wired CarPlay. So it is compatible with most models of cars released in those years. If you are unsure about your car's compatibility, you can check the URL via 



Besides, if you use an iPhone, make sure your iPhone is iPhone 5 onwards.

If you use an android phone. It is compatible with the phones below:

All phones are running Android 11 and above.

A Google Pixel or a Samsung Galaxy phone is running on Android 10.

A Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note 8 running on Android 9.



2. Stability

Secondly, stability is also a significant concern when choosing a wired to wireless CarPlay adapter. Our adapter AI BOX lite supports auto-connect. Specifically, the adapter will automatically connect to the last connected phone. The wireless CarPlay and Android Auto can be switched smoothly, while some of the other adapters need to reset to switch between the wireless CarPlay and Android Auto.


3. Functions

There are 3 main types of wired to wireless CarPlay adapters or dongles. The first type of adapter only supports wired to wireless CarPlay function, which means the adapter only supports exceptional connectivity for your iPhone. If you are satisfied with the simple application, you can choose the first type.


The second type of adapter is for users who have both an iPhone and android phone compatible with Carplay and Android Auto listed above. The adapter can wirelessly connect to either an android phone or iPhone.


Last but not least, if you need more functions, our AI BOX lite might be suitable for you. Firstly, it supports wired to wireless CarPlay & Android Auto. Secondly, it supports Netflix and youtube. We recommend not using it when you are driving because of safety concerns. But when you are on a long car trip. It can considerably improve your experience. Besides, it also supports USB storage audios and videos. Hence, you can save audio and video files to USB in advance and enjoy them in your car.

4. budget

Here is the good news. Our ai box lite is nearly half the price of the Carplay Android box, which price is similar to the Carplay or Carplay and android auto 2 in 1 adapter in the markets. Hence, it is probably the adapter with optimum performance and reasonable price in the market.

Click the URL below to buy our product.


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