Which wired to wireless CarPlay or Android Auto adapter should I choose? | in-depth guide

Which wired to wireless CarPlay or Android Auto adapter should I choose? | in-depth guide

Have you ever been bored with a wired CarPlay connection? Have you ever wanted to have youtube or Netflix when on a car trip? Have you ever wanted to have an android system on your old car radio? If you are interested in the above questions, this in-depth guide is valuable for you. 


Smartphones might be a necessary part of our lives. We are all impressed with the convenient ecosystem of smartphones. Hence, CarPlay in 2014 and Android in 2015 provided drivers with a functional system that ensures a safe drive and avoids distraction and nuisance. The plans are CarPlay and android auto. If you have more interests, you can visit the official website of CarPlay and Android Auto.



Android Auto


Although CarPlay and Android auto significantly improve the driving experience of most drivers, most of them are still bored with the wired connection. To solve this pain point, Onecarstereo has released a range of wireless car play and android auto products. But which is suitable for you? The in-depth guide is as follows:


No.1    2 IN 1 ICE-DVR CARPLAY box


Firstly, the most potent function ai box is likely to be 2 IN 1 ICE-DVR CARPLAY box. For those who want an ultimate ai box for themselves, 2 in 1 ICE-DVR CarPlay box is the most suitable product. If and only if your car radio has a wired CarPlay function, this product is compatible with your car. Besides, there are three primary functions of the device.

Firstly, the 2 IN 1 ICE-DVR CARPLAY box can record every instance and detail with the dash cam. This product can not only get the evidence in an accident but also can save on insurance premiums. Besides we can also record people who drive illegally or offensively. We may live a safer life with a dash cam on our cars.


Secondly, it supports wireless CarPlay and Android Auto connection. This is cool for people bored with a wired connection, which means you can put your phone wherever you like in your car without worrying about disconnection.


Last, you can install apps from the app store to have youtube, Netflix, Spotify, etc. (we suggest you watch videos when parking or on a road trip because of safety and legal concerns). These apps might significantly improve your driving experience, especially during a car trip. 

The price of this product is 399$. Get more discounts on Black Friday and cyber-Monday!





if you don’t need a new dash cam for your car but still want to retain other functions 2 in 1 ICE-DVR CARPLAY box, the Qualcomm Octa-core Carplay ai box might be the proper one for you. 


The only thing you should pay attention to is compatibility. CarPlay AI box only supports the original vehicle with only a wired CarPlay function. For instance, if your car has both wired and wireless functions, the CarPlay AI box is not compatible you’re your car. 

Besides, you can still have wireless CarPlay and android connections. You can also download massive apps from any app store like google play. 

The Qualcomm octa-core CarPlay ai box is slightly cheaper than 2 in 1 ICE-DVR CARPLAY box. Now it only costs 299$. Get more discounts on black Friday.



NO.3         AI BOX LITE

If Netflix and youtube are enough for you and you don’t have enough budget, AI box lite might be proper for you. You can enjoy youtube & Netflix & wireless CarPlay, or android auto connection. Now it only costs 170$. In terms of compatibility, it is compatible with cars with wired CarPlay, which is the same as 2 IN 1 ICE-DVR CARPLAY box.


Ai box lite is a cost-effective product and even cheaper on black Friday. Click and get more discounts:


Ai box lite


No. 4      wireless CarPlay adapter & wireless android auto adapter


You can save a lot of money if you only need a wired-to-wireless CarPlay or android auto adapter. There are two choices for you. One is wired to a wireless CarPlay adapter which is suitable for iPhones. And the other is a wired-to-wireless android auto adapter, which is ideal for android phones. 

There will be more discounts on Black Friday! Click and get a discount!


Wired to wireless CarPlay adapter

Wired to wireless android auto adapter


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